We are excited to announce the availability of Magento CE Version Stable for upgrade and download.

This release includes many new features such as Widgets, WYSIWYG editor. support for 3D Secure, and many further improvements from Magento CE 1.3.x.

To see a full list of features and fixed issues please visit our release notes page. Diff files are available here.

Please report all issues with this release in the bug tracker.


Important Note 1: If the Magento Compilation Module is enabled it must be disabled before attempting to upgrade. After upgrading is done, click on “Run Compilation Process” to process and enable it again.

Important Note 2: If you are running Magento in a cluster environment and are using a shared cache (e.g. Memcached) you will need to make sure to configure Magento to use Database as the “slow” backend cache. More info will follow in our Knowledgebase and updated White-paper next week.

Please Note: We do NOT recommend upgrading a production installation of Magento directly. Please backup database and all files before upgrading. Please make sure to check file permissions before trying to upgrade through your Magento Connect Manager.

Update: Issue with upgrading through Magento Connect Manager is resolved.


RT @YoavMagento Magento CE version is now available for download and upgrade http://bit.ly/cpnlYu

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